picture of a person playing bingo
Monthly Bingo: The Dallas Lighthouse hosts a "Blind Friendly" Bingo Night on the third Friday of each month. Participants can use our large print and Braille bingo cards, win assorted bingo prizes and enjoy dinner - all of which is free for our monthly participants! Attendance for bingo night is up to 100 individuals, and for many of our participants, this is their only social outing for the month. Volunteers are needed to assist participants who are blind or visually impaired with their bingo cards, serve food and setup / cleanup.

volunteersSpecial Events: Volunteers are needed periodically to assist with our special events. We have a golf tournament in the Fall, a Holiday Party in December, as well as a few new special events on occasion. Volunteer tasks at special events include: assisting with registration / check-in, greeting guests, providing assistance to individuals who are blind or visually impaired, serving food, and setting up / tearing down event space.



Clerical / Administrative Assistance: Volunteers are needed to assist in our administrative offices with duties such as: answering phones, setting appointments, filing, assisting with mailings, etc.

Special Projects / Groups: The Dallas Lighthouse welcomes a variety of special group projects. Some opportunities include: landscaping projects, painting, and more!

Internships: Internships are available at Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind. Internships during the school year are unpaid, but there are opportunities for a paid summer internship (contingent upon the availability of funding).

If you are interested in volunteering with the Dallas Lighthouse please contact us at 214-821-2375.


Please Note: All volunteers are screened and required to pass a background check prior to volunteering.

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